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Iowa Elite is dedicated to teaching young athletes how to get top performance out of their bodies. Each player is exposed to the latest strength & conditioning, drills and concepts. This approach gives Iowa Elite athletes the ability to maximize their athletic potential making them stronger, quicker, and more agile. By giving our young athletes a strong fitness foundation we are preparing our youth for not only high school and college athletics but also give them lifelong fitness tools. Whether you participate in football, baseball, basketball or soccer, your skills are all enhanced when you improve your strength, quickness and explosiveness. Iowa Elite strives to achieve and instill the following core principles into all of our participants regardless of skill level:

  • Complete Athlete:  Becoming a complete athlete by promoting their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development
  • Development:  We want your children to develop not only as athletes, but as a students and active participants in our communities
  • Goals:  We want teach our members to set and achieve their goals whether that is to play on your high school teams, to earn honors and scholarships, or to be a college athlete.
  • Joy of the Game:  We want your children to experience the joy of the journey and develop a passion and love for the game.

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